I’m Going To Write This Blog… Starting Tomorrow

After I uploaded my blog post Floating on Clouds, I endeavoured to start working on the next installment soon after. Yet after two weeks, April’s blog post remained without a topic! Each day I would aspire to work on Frengineer, but I always managed to find something else to do. Even as I wrote the first … More I’m Going To Write This Blog… Starting Tomorrow

Floating on Clouds

Clouds are part of the Water Cycle. They are a state of water where water vapour condenses into water droplets which group together. Rain occurs when the atmosphere can hold no more water. The common types of clouds are Cumulus, Cirrus, and Stratus. All other clouds are somehow related to these three. The amateur meteorologist Luke Howard discovered these fundamental cloud types and created the naming structure that is used in the 21st century. … More Floating on Clouds

NEWater – Not Old Water

NEWater is one of the four “taps” that supplies Singapore with drinkable water and is a vital pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability. The NEWater process uses microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection to produce ultra clean, high grade reclaimed water. Despite producing water which is originally sewerage (ew!), the public engagement campaign has educated the … More NEWater – Not Old Water

The Simple Solution – Turbocharge It

Engineers have considerable responsibility and influence as mankind combats global warming and reduces the Earth’s emissions. The tightening fuel-economy and emission regulations imposed on car manufacturers and stakeholder demand for high-performance vehicles have resulted in a relatively simple solution – the turbocharger.  Suck – Squeeze – Bang – Blow – Turbo The phrase “suck, squeeze, … More The Simple Solution – Turbocharge It


There was a single Apple iMac computer in my grade 3 classroom. Remember the big-bottomed, Bondi blue boxes that ran Bugdom, Nanosaur and Cro Mag Rally? (Ah, nostalgia!) Back then I believed that my computer skills were excellent until I noticed a friend typing a document with all his fingers and without looking at the … More A Lil’ Bit QWERTY