NEWater – Not Old Water

NEWater is one of the four “taps” that supplies Singapore with drinkable water and is a vital pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability. The NEWater process uses microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection to produce ultra clean, high grade reclaimed water. Despite producing water which is originally sewerage (ew!), the public engagement campaign has educated the … More NEWater – Not Old Water

The Simple Solution – Turbocharge It

Engineers have considerable responsibility and influence as mankind combats global warming and reduces the Earth’s emissions. The tightening fuel-economy and emission regulations imposed on car manufacturers and stakeholder demand for high-performance vehicles have resulted in a relatively simple solution – the turbocharger.  Suck – Squeeze – Bang – Blow – Turbo The phrase “suck, squeeze, … More The Simple Solution – Turbocharge It